An Exhibition Back Wall & Backdrop

One of the most popular customer requests is how to effectively cover the back wall of their exhibition stand. Sounds simple but there are many ways and many things that can be done to create an interesting and captivating space. So what is an exhibition back wall and how can you make it as appealing and informative as possible so you stand out from the crowd?

A backdrop is often a flat structure that covers the rear part of a stand, leaving three open sides. The surface of the structure or wall is covered in full colour graphics and these can be split into smaller sections or it can be a large one-piece fabric graphic depending on your requirements. The most popular option, our Vector modular system uses a silicon edged fabric graphic, which simply push fits into the frame's channel. The seamless textile fabric with non-crease, super stretch built-in technology offers unbeatable photo quality giving incredible depth and vibrancy.

Complimentary features such as TV mounts, towers, welcome desks, archways, hanging structures and shelving can be easily included to add interest. Simple yet sleek in design, walls can be recovered, reconfigured or totally redesigned. Please see the image gallery below for some ideas and inspiration and then why not call us on 0116 2047758 to talk through your individual requirements. 

Backdrop Gallery:

What Else Can I Include On My Stand?

Often an uninterrupted wall of eye catching graphics is enough to grab the attention of passersby, but if you really want to entice your target audience onto your stand why not consider adding one or more of the following features:

Exhibition stands with TV

    TV Screens

    TV mounts are one of our best selling features and can 
    be included within any size stand. Small and large TV screens
    are seamlessly suspended allowing you to run promotional 
    videos and presentations throughout the event. Integrating
    multi-media displays helps generates interest, providing a great
    focal point for people entering onto the stand. We also offer a
    range of freestanding TV stands - Please contact us for further info. 

Seating Areas/Private Meeting Pods

If you have the luxury of space on your stand it's always advisable to try
and include a small area for you to be able to sit down with potential clients.  
A private and quiet zone, away from the crowds gives you the opportunity to
sell yourself and your company and take down vital customer information. All
of this will be necessary for when you make that all important follow-up call. 

Client Meeting Areas

Exhibition stand showing arches


    Exhibition stands big or small can create the wow factor by
    incorporating full height arches. A fantastic way to grab people's 
    attention and entice them onto your stand. Not only do they provide 
    a focal point but they can also support TV monitors, iPads, downlights 
    and literature holders. Perfect for developing simple backwalls and 
    L-shaped designs.


Nobody wants to spend time on a gloomy stand so this is why 
we always recommend considering some form of lighting. Our 
extensive range includes halogen spotlights, LED floodlights, 
coloured accent lights, strip lights and down lights. Depending 
on the application we can advise on the different options available 
and run through the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Exhibition lighting


Exhibition Hanging Structure

    Hanging Structures

    A branded hanging arrangement above your main
    stand is a real show stopper and is often visible 
    from every angle of the exhibition hall, giving you 
    maximum exposure. These high impact displays are 
    offered in a range of shapes and sizes including 
    circular, square, triangular, rectangular, eye and tapered. 

Exhibition Pillars, Towers & Columns

Looking for something a little bit different? Why not include one of
our 360 degree branded pillars, towers or columns into your design.
They can be centrally positioned, towering above the rest of the display  
or at each corner guiding people as they enter. Supplied fully branded 
with the option of displaying TV screens and shelving. 

Exhibition pillars and towers

Exhibition shelves and leaflet holders

    Brochure Shelves & Leaflet Holders

    People do not always have the time or inclination to stand 
    and chat about the products/services you have to offer. Many 
    people would prefer to take away printed literature that they can
    read at their leisure. This is why it's essential to have 
    brochures and literature on display, ready for people to take away. 
    Choose from freestanding, wall mounted, counter standing or
    integrated dispensers. 

Half Height Walls

Walls that are at waist height are popular with medium to 
large size stands that want to create sectioned off 
seating areas or semi-private zones. They can also be
used instead of pedestrian guidance systems to lead people
to the main entrance. 

Half height / waist height walls for exhibition stands

Lockable doors on exhibition stands

    Lockable Doors

    Whether it is full height doorways or lockable storage cupboards 
    we can create a bespoke hinged doorway just for you! 
    Secure areas are perfect for storing valuables and company 
    merchandise at busy exhibition halls.


Display Cabinets/Showcases

Display products in a range of custom size cabinets to suit
you. Surrounded by clear Perspex the lockable showcases
can be used to exhibit valuable, high priced items which may
be at risk from theft or damage.


Exhibition cabinets and showcases

For more information or to talk through your individual requirements please call our sales team on 0116 2047758.

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