Pop Up Stands with TV Screens

Pop up stands can be complimented with the integration of a TV screen. We offer two popup TV supports; one for TVs up to 22" and weighing less than 5kg and the other for screens between the sizes of 32 and 60". The 22" mount sits within the popup frame structure and is supported solely by the popup itself. The other is a heavy duty floor standing unit which supports the heavier 32 to 60" screens. If you have any questions regarding the mounting of your TV or general questions regarding our exhibition stands then please contact our sales team on 0116 2047758.


Please take a moment to read through our frequently asked questions:

Question: From ready to print artwork how long does it take for you to deliver a stand?
Normally we can produce a stand within 24-48 hours and then deliver on the next working day, so in total 72 hours. If you have a more urgent deadline, please contact us to discuss your requirements. As we produce most things in-house we have total control over the scheduling, so we can prioritise jobs depending on their urgency. 

Question: Is the TV included in the package price?
Answer: No, the package price includes everything except the TV. We provide the frame, magnetic bars, full colour graphics, hard wheeled case, case tabletop, case graphic wrap and TV mount/stand. We ask customers to purchase their own TVs as you will then have all the associated warranties and guarantees. We are happy to offer as much advice as required and you are more than welcome to send us a link or image of the screen before you buy so we can confirm it is compatible.   

Question: How are the screen mounts transported?
 The screen mount and support arm is stored and transported in the pop up case so there is no need for extra carrying equipment. 

Question: How is the TV stand transported? 
The TV stand is split into two padded carry bags, one is for the foot and brackets and one is for the full height pole. Please see more information below:

  • Pole Bag  - 2000 (h) x 80 (d) x 80mm (w) - 5kg
  • Foot Bag - 240 (h) x 750 (d) x 260mm (w) - 15kg

Question: Can I use the stand without the TV?
Answer:  Yes, but as we must cut out a top and bottom aperture in the graphic panel where the screen is being displayed so you will need to purchase an extra panel, minus the holes. This is perfect for when you attend an event where you do not require the screen or do not have access to power.

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